Health economic Modelling


Demonstrate your Value

Industry-leading health economic evaluations, developed to meet your timeline, budget and project objectives  

Early Economic Evaluations

Early cost-effectiveness analyses are critical in the early phases of drug and device development. Our early economic models empower you to make important strategic decisions, set research priorities and demonstrate the maximum value of your product. 

Global Economic Models

 Global cost-effectiveness models are the backbone of any reimbursement submission. We specialize in developing robust global models that impress the toughest review groups, are easily adapted to local settings, and withstand the test of time.

Local Country Adaptations

Global cost-effectiveness models must reflect the perspective, costs, care pathways and requirements of each country in which you are seeking reimbursement. We have decades of combined experience adapting global models for HTA agencies worldwide.   

Budget Impact Models

Budget impact models are an essential tool to demonstrate the affordability of your drug or device. We design user-friendly budget impact models for public and private payers in countries around the world.   

Burden of Illness Analyses 

Burden of disease analyses are a powerful way to identify key cost considerations and support indications with unmet need. We excel at quantifying direct and societal costs using methods that meet your needs.   

Model Validation

All models may be wrong, but they must be internally and externally valid. We systematically test model quality and accuracy using multiple checklists, critical appraisal of similar submissions and input from clinical experts. 

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