Anna Pagotto, PhD

Anna is a Senior Health Outcomes Researcher with extensive experience in drug discovery, evidence synthesis and scientific literature reviews. Before joining Symmetron, Anna spent several years working as a Scientist at Innate Pharma (Marseille, France) where she led research projects in the Target Discovery and Drug Discovery Departments focused on cancer immunotherapy. Her work involved evaluating new immune checkpoints and tumour antigens for drug development by conducting literature, patent, and clinical trial reviews.

Anna has a strong academic background. In 2012 she obtained a PhD in Clinical Medicine from the University of Oxford. Her research as a PhD student concerned the Cancer/Testis (CT) antigens, a family of tumour-associated antigens that represent ideal targets for cancer immunotherapy. After her PhD she was awarded a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship, co-funded by the European Union and the University of Padua. As a Marie-Curie Fellow she studied cancer stem cells and how they can be targeted for therapeutic purposes.




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