Jia Wen (Veena) Lim, MSc

Veena works as a project assistant for both the health economics and health outcomes teams. She joined Symmetron after graduating from Imperial College London with a master’s degree in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Healthcare. During her studies at Imperial, she became interested in using clinical and real-world data to generate scientific evidence for health service improvement. Her thesis project focused on using multiple statistical models to analyse longitudinal home spirometry data collected from patients with fibrotic lung disease to develop patient-centred digital phenotypes that can support early interventions, improve symptom management and endpoints in clinical trial design for novel treatments.

Veena attained a bachelor’s degree in Medicine from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, where she established solid medical knowledge in diverse therapeutic areas. She has a particular interest in cardiovascular, respiratory, and infectious diseases. Prior to joining Symmetron, Veena had experience in medical communications. She is passionate about using innovative approaches to communicate impactful scientific evidence for positive global health outcomes.