Evidence Synthesis


Identify your Value

Clear research questions answered with evidence that is methodologically rigorous and developed to meet your timeline, budget and project objectives  

Systematic Reviews

Systematic literature reviews are the foundation of all reimbursement submissions and sound policy decisions. We work with you to systematically identify, evaluate and interpret evidence according to the highest international standards. 

Rapid Literature Reviews

Rapid literature reviews are a pragmatic way to inform evidence based decisions under tight timelines. We use a diverse methodological toolbox to conduct transparent and replicable rapid reviews that meet your unique needs.

Evidence Gap Analyses

Evidence gap analyses allow you to figure out where to focus future research efforts. Using methods that borrow from systematic literature reviews and health economic analysis, we identify the research questions that will most impact your value story.

Environmental Scans

Start with an environmental scan to benchmark your product and support your reimbursement strategy. We develop a comprehensive summary of everything that influences your value story and evidence needs.   

Outcome Validation 

Validating your choice of surrogate and true clinical end points is increasingly important to reimbursement bodies. We ensure your outcomes are evidence based and accepted by the relevant health authorities.   

Stakeholder Analyses

Establishing the interests of those with a stake in your product is a key step in developing a high impact value proposition. We identify stakeholder expectations and priorities that impact your reimbursement strategy. 

For more information about evidence development or to request a quote please contact Alex Diamantopoulos at info@symmetron.net 

New Course

Health Economics Writing

The demand for writers with expertise in health economics is growing rapidly.

Although most medical writers have the prerequisite skills to participate in this growing market, they lack knowledge of the health economic concepts, study types and reporting requirements needed to become sought-after partners in HEOR.  

In this course you will learn to clearly and accurately communicate the health economic value of a technology to payers, healthcare professionals and researchers.