HEOR Data Analysis & Statistical Analysis

Survival Analysis

Determine the duration of time until a clinical event is expected to occur (e.g. hospitalization, disease progression). We work with you to plan and execute the most appropriate types of survival analysis based on your data and analysis objectives.

Network Meta-Analysis

Compare the clinical effectiveness of multiple treatments using network meta-analysis (also known as indirect treatment comparison and multiple treatment comparison). Our NMAs are known for their methodological excellence and high impact results.

Regression Analysis

Assess relationships in your clinical trial data using simple linear regression, multiple linear regression or repeated measures mixed models. We are experts in developing regression models for use in clinical studies and health economic models.

Missing Data Imputation

Ensure missing data are handled using a method that is methodologically sound. We carefully consider the effect of missing values in your dataset, their impact on your analysis and most appropriate methods for imputation.   

Propensity Score Matching

Estimate treatment effects from non-randomised data while controlling for potential biases. identify limitations. We generate and communicate meaningful results from your real world data using propensity score matching.  

Statistical Testing

Test your hypotheses using sample t, chi-square, ANOVA, ANCOVA and other tests. We ensure that the correct test is used to determine the statistical significance of your findings and your team can confidently communicate these methods and results.

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Network Meta-Analysis

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